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An interview with Lawrence White

Mostly on money and banking.

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audio: Russ Roberts Goes Hayekian on the Bush-Obama Depression

This week Russ Roberts shared the podium before Congressional staffers with Arnold Kling, explaining what happened and why.  Roberts is the second speaker in the audio available here. Roberts tells a riveting Hayekian macro story of the economic bust — … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve & US History — BS vs Reality

George Selgin weighs in: .. national bank notes had to be backed by government bonds.  That requirement, designed to bolster the Union’s finances while the [civil] war raged on, proved disastrous afterward, when government surpluses led to a halving of … Continue reading

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interview: George Selgin on Money & Banking

Hayekian economist George Selgin talks about money, banking and his new book on coinage in an interview with the Richmond Fed.  Worth quoting: RF: Do you see recent approaches to monetary policies and Fed actions as contributors to the current … Continue reading

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