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Video — Calvin Hayes on Hayek, Sen and the Idea of Social Justice

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Glenn Beck vs “Social Justice”

Friedrich Hayek’s famous attack on the political vision behind the concept of “social justice” has been taken up by Glenn Beck, on his Fox News broadcast.  Here’s a taste of Beck. More postings on Hayek and “Social Justice” here. UPDATE:  … Continue reading

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Social Justice — Hayek & the Popes vs. the Brain Dead Left

Michael Novak weighs in: The last point I’ll make is that Friedrich Hayek wrote a really powerful little book called The Mirage of Social Justice, in which he picked up on the way the term “social justice” was being used … Continue reading

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“Social Justice” — Michael Novak vs. F. A. Hayek

Jay Richards: Although some folks argue that the phrase “social justice” is so tainted as to be beyond rescue, I think a better strategy is to ask, as does AEI scholar Michael Novak, what is social justice, rightly understood? In … Continue reading

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college: Harvard Law Students Confront Hayek’s Critique of “Social Justice”

Final Report to the Office of Public Interest Advising and Program on the Legal Profession at Harvard University: .. in Week 6, we read a chapter by Friedrich Hayek in which he presents a free market critique of the concept … Continue reading

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hayek vs obama: The Rule of Law vs The Ad Hoc Use of Power to Achieve “Fairness”

The editorial writers of the Washington Post seems to be among the many new readers of F. A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, especially his chapter “Planning and the Rule of Law”: the spectacle of [Chrysler] creditors being stripped of … Continue reading

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