An interview with Jim Powell

Here.  Powell remembers his school years at the U. of Chicago:

I decided to go to the University of Chicago because I received a subscription flyer for NEW INDIVIDUALIST REVIEW. I heard of several of the authors the journal published, mostly because I had subscribed to THE FREEMAN, a monthly libertarian magazine published by the . . . → Read More: An interview with Jim Powell

New Articles

Jack Birner, “From Group Selection to Ecological Niches:  Popper’s Rethinking of Evolution in the Light of Hayek’s Theory of Culture” in Rethinking Popper, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science,  Volume 272, Springer Netherlands,  2009, Part II, pp. 185-202.  University of Trento — Department of Sociology, University College Maastricht, Piazza Venezia 41, Trento, 38100, Italy . . . → Read More: New Articles

new papers: Hayek and The Rule of Law

From Robert Stein, “Rule of Law:  What Does It Mean?” (pdf):

Two seminal writings in the past century have influenced thinking about this subject. Albert Dicey, a British lawyer and scholar, addressed the meaning of the rule of law in an important book in 1885.  In “The Rule of Law,” Dicey offered a definition of . . . → Read More: new papers: Hayek and The Rule of Law

book: Justin Fox’s _The Myth of the Rational Market_

English major and Marxist social critic Rob Horning reviews The Myth of the Rational Market:  A History of Risk, Reward and Delusion on Wall Street by TIME magazine’s Justin Fox:

Fox’s account of the rational market revolves around the long-held dream of discovering a method to pin down the intrinsic value of an asset—what it . . . → Read More: book: Justin Fox’s _The Myth of the Rational Market_

history: How $2,000 Launched a Revolution

From Quin Hillyer’s review of Funding Fathers and Foundations of Betrayal:

The good news is that conservative philanthropy often gets more bang for its bucks. In Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heros of the Conservative Movement, Hoplin and Robinson tell a series of inspirational, sometimes heartwarming stories about how this happens. Perhaps the single best investment, . . . → Read More: history: How $2,000 Launched a Revolution

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Random Quote

It is not rationality which is required to make competition work, but competition [and] traditions which allow competition which will produced rational behavior. — F. A. Hayek

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