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Forbes: Set Dynamite to the Nobel Prize in Economics

Christopher Swann in Forbes: Far from celebrating those who have ‘conferred the greatest benefit on mankind’ as Alfred Nobel intended, the economics prize has done more harm than good. The prize has fostered a faith in economists that is often … Continue reading

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Why Tautological Math Is Privileged Over Hayekian Causal Explanation in Economic “Science”

All you need to know about the economic profession: I immersed myself in the literature for a few of months so that I could more precisely fit our contribution into the existing literature. We managed to reduce the equations in … Continue reading

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10 Books For A Freshman Seminar In Economics

Here is Greg Mankiw’s list.  Here is Arnold Kling’s list.   And here is my list: The Rise of the Western World by Douglass North & Robert Paul Thomas Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy The Ascent of Money Niall Ferguson Discovery, … Continue reading

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The Queen Wants To Know Why Economics Failed

Hayekian economists provide the short answer here and here.

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The Economics Profession Is Trapped In A Cul De Sac Of Fake Science

And the science of psychology is helping us understand how and why this has happened: “Academics, like teenagers, sometimes don’t have any sense regarding the degree to which they are conformists.” So says Thomas Bouchard, the Minnesota psychologist known for … Continue reading

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economics: The Tyranny of Fake Science

Mario Rizzo takes you inside the pseudo-scientific mind of the contemporary academic “economist”.   No wonder the economics profession is widely perceived to be as culpable in the current economic debacle as Congress, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve, and just … Continue reading

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