Quote of the Day — Michael Boskin on Math & Economic Complexity

“The complexity of a dynamic market economy is not easily captured even by sophisticated modeling (an idea stressed by Friedrich Hayek and Robert Solow).”

– Michael Boskin in the Wall Street Journal



How Complex is Barkley Rosser?

A look at Friedrick Hayek’s work on complexity theory from math complexity theorist Barkley Rosser (doc). For newbees, the article helpfully reviews a few important issues in the literature, brings attention to the work of Roger Koppl, and has a useful introductory bibliography.

Rosser, unfortunately, fails the engage the most fundamental –and scientifically challenging — . . . → Read More: How Complex is Barkley Rosser?

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Individualism believes that, if left free, men will often achieved more than individual human reason could design or foresee. — F. A. Hayek

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