Robert Bork & F. A. Hayek discuss the Courts, Public Opinion and Unlimited Democracy

Watch it here.

working papers: Dewey, Hayek, and Democracy

Colin Koopman, “Morals and Markets: Liberal Democracy Through Dewey and Hayek.”  From the abstract:

One of the most vexing problems in contemporary liberal democratic theory and practice is the relation between ethics and economics. This article presents a way of bringing this relation into focus in the terms offered by two incredibly influential but too-often . . . → Read More: working papers: Dewey, Hayek, and Democracy

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Over the years, I have again and again asked fellow believers in a free society how they managed to escape the contagion of their collectivist intellectual environment. No name has been mentioned more often as the source of enlightenment and understanding than Friedrich Hayek’s. — Milton Friedman

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