The Road to Serfdom and The Fatal Conceit.

Obama’s Fatal Conceit

Steven Horwitz:

The headlines blare that President Obama will “restructure the financial services industry” and “fix the health care crisis.” A 31-yearold with no experience in the business world, but a lot of experience in politics, has been put in charge of dismantling General Motors.

Members of Congress lecture car manufacturers and mortgage lenders on . . . → Read More: Obama’s Fatal Conceit

Barack Obama and The Fatal Conceit

A quick google of “Obama” and “fatal conceit” harvests over 16,000 links.   The interpretation of Barack Obama and his government as an instantiation of what Friedrich Hayek examined in his classic book The Fatal Conceit has become one of the dominant narratives of today.   In May John Stossel wrote a widely circulated piece on the . . . → Read More: Barack Obama and The Fatal Conceit

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