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A Helpful Discussion on Hayek, Deflation, Overpriced Labor, etc.


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Hayek, British Deflation, Keynes, DeLong, 1925-1932 and all that

Here is some of what Friedrich Hayek actually wrote and said about deflation, British economic policy 1925-1936, Keynes, etc. [More will be added later, time permitting]. Hayek: “The moment there is any sign that the total income stream may actually … Continue reading

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Hayek on Keynes, Britain, wage rates & deflation during the British Depression of the 20s & 30s

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What would Mises say about a post bust deflation?

Richard Ebeling provides a wonderful conversational account in dialogue with Richard Wenzel.  The reveal comes at the end, but the whole thing is worth your time, for those interested in the topic. UPDATE:  Read also this.

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“Deflation .. Prolonged The Depression” — New Friedrich Hayek Interview

Now in English: Conversations with Great Economists:  Friedrich A. Hayek, John Hicks, Nicholas Kaldor, Leonid V. Kantorovich, Joan Robinson, Paul A.Samuelson, Jan Tinbergen by Diego Pizano. Originally published in Spanish as Dialogos Con Economistas Eminenes, (Mexico) Fondo de Cultura Economica, … Continue reading

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Steve Hanke vs Ben Bernanke & the Fed

Quotable: “During his face time [on national TV Ben] Bernanke explained many things ..  Unfortunately, he did not address my main beef with the bank: that it clings to a flawed inflation-targeting regime with a horrible history of monetary policy … Continue reading

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