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William White’s Jackson Hole paper

Here. (pdf) Quotable: Both Keynes and Hayek began their analysis of the 1930’s with the observation of a simple fact. Deep slumps are possible, and the evidence presented in this paper further confirms that fact. The awkward thing is that … Continue reading

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Scott Sumner warns against Rajan & White

Don’t listen to the guys who — you know — got just about everything right over the past decade. Let’s not pay attention to economists who — you know — actually understood what was happening before it happened. We can’t … Continue reading

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YouTube — William White, Bruce Caldwell, Alex Leijonhufvud & Tony Lawson at the Soros Conference

Hayekian economists confront the economics profession at the inaugural conference of The Institute for New Economic Theory at Cambridge: William White’s written paper is here. Bruce Caldwell’s written text is here. (Note that Caldwell misrepresents Hayek’s economics when he claims … Continue reading

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William White — Getting Macro Back on Track

William White — the economists who saw the future — weighs in on what can be done to fix macroeconomics. In the section I excerpt below White explains how modern macro will remain broken without inclusion of the economic insights … Continue reading

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