Leonard on Oskar Morgenstern & Pre-War Vienna

Robert Leonard has mined the Oskar Morgenstern papers at Duke University and the archives of Vienna, Chicago and New York to produce a richly sourced paper on “The Collapse of Interwar Vienna: Oskar Morgenstern’s Community, 1925-1950″. The paper is strong on the personal side of this dramatic historical period, much weaker when it come to . . . → Read More: Leonard on Oskar Morgenstern & Pre-War Vienna

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Jack Birner, “From Group Selection to Ecological Niches:  Popper’s Rethinking of Evolution in the Light of Hayek’s Theory of Culture” in Rethinking Popper, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science,  Volume 272, Springer Netherlands,  2009, Part II, pp. 185-202.  University of Trento — Department of Sociology, University College Maastricht, Piazza Venezia 41, Trento, 38100, Italy . . . → Read More: New Articles

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The problem I had first identified in studying industrial fluctuations — that false price signals misdirect human efforts — I then followed up in various other branches of the discipline [of economics]. — F. A. Hayek

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