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Jack Birner, “From Group Selection to Ecological Niches:  Popper’s Rethinking of Evolution in the Light of Hayek’s Theory of Culture” in Rethinking Popper, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science,  Volume 272, Springer Netherlands,  2009, Part II, pp. 185-202.  University of Trento — Department of Sociology, University College Maastricht, Piazza Venezia 41, Trento, 38100, Italy . . . → Read More: New Articles

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When the prophets and philosophers, from Moses to Plato and St Augustine, from Rousseau to Marx and Freud, protested against the prevailing morals, clearly none of them had any grasp of the extent to which the practices which they condemned had made possible the civilization of which they were a part. — F. A. Hayek

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