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As explained here and here. I’ve always liked Stockman, and I’ve always thought he was right about Ronald Reagan and the economic record of the Reagan administration. Stockman is one of those guys to whom Bruce Bartlett owes an apology. … Continue reading

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Hayek on Reagan & “Supply Side Economics” in 1985

From the  March 25, 1985 issue of Profil 13, translated by an anonymous blogger: “[Reagan's] politics? When the government of the United States borrows a large part of the savings of the world, the consequence is that capital must become … Continue reading

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Reagan Reads Hayek

From Steven Hayward, The Age of Reagan, 1964-1980, The Fall of the Old Liberal Order, p. xxii: “Lee Edwards recalls being once left along in Reagan’s study while then-Governor Reagan went to the kitchen to prepare cocktails.  Edwards began browsing … Continue reading

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