On the housing bubble and Bernanke’s Global Saving Glut Hypothesis.

Is a new bubble the answer?

The Entrepreneurial Mind vs Ben Bernanke.

Hanke Detonates Bernanke on Fed Policy

This whole thing is well worth reading.  But let’s start with The Quote of The Day:

One of the reasons the Federal Reserve gets so much good press is that it’s publishing most of it itself.

Hanke takes on that topic in the second section of his article.  But the guts of the piece come . . . → Read More: Hanke Detonates Bernanke on Fed Policy

Who’s a Better Economist?

John Stossel or Ben Bernanke?  I’d suggest Stossel understands more that matters more.  And Stossel’s track record isn’t as pathetic as Bernanke’s.

Don’t miss the related Bernanke YouTube video:

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