In 1945 LIFE magazine peers into the future:

“Why did the liberal philosophy which once supported [the forward looking] state of mind deteriorate?  First, because it could not reconcile its humanitarian beliefs with its laissez-faire economics.  After it abandoned laissez-faire it could not logically decide where, short of socialism, to stop.  To define the stopping . . . → Read More: NOSTRADAMUS: LIFE MAGAZINE ON LIBERALISM IN 1945

Lefty Spinmeister John Gray

puts his dark magic to work explicating Labour man / Hegel expert Raymond Plant on Friedrich Hayek and “neoliberalism”.  Quotable:

An increase in state power has always been the inner logic of neoliberalism, because, in order to inject markets into every corner of social life, a government needs to be highly invasive. Health, education and . . . → Read More: Lefty Spinmeister John Gray

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My main thesis is that [the socialists] are mistaken in the methods for getting what they want to achieve. — F. A. Hayek

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