Brad DeLong is lying about Hayek again

This act is getting old, and ever more pathetic.


Here’s Maui News staff reporter Harry Eager:

“[NEWSWEEK reporter Michael Hirsh] does not mention the “Austrians,” such as Friedrich Hayek, who predicted that Europe (and by implication, the United States) were on a “road to serfdom” if New Deal-ish policies were pursued.

Lo and behold, 70 years later, there isn’t a serf anywhere in Europe, . . . → Read More: THE B*LLSH*T NEVER ENDS


Today’s b*llsh*tter is Andrew Sullivan.  Why is it b*llsh*t?  Because Hayek’s views on “social insurance” and medical welfare became more sophisticated, more market-oriented, and more libertarian every decade after the publication of his popular “Serfdom” tract.  And because Hayek came to understand many of the pathologies of “Universal Health Care” first hand from his son, . . . → Read More: WHO’S B*LLSH*TTING YOU TODAY?


Congratulations James Fallows.  You’ve just been selected the Hayek b*llsh*tter of the week.


Arnold Kling is just askin’. It’s not like they didn’t start with a garbage-in, garbage-out “scientific model”.

Coming soon on Taking Hayek Seriously — “80 years of risable bullshit is enough”

Maybe after the weekend.

The B*llsh*t Never Ends

Peter Boone & Simon Johnson:

“According to Friedrich von Hayek, the development of welfare socialism after World War II undermined freedom and would lead western democracies inexorably to some form of state-run serfdom.”

HT to Don the Libertarian Democrat in the comments section.

UPDATE:  The leftist lie which will never die, repeated again here.

. . . → Read More: The B*llsh*t Never Ends

B*llsh*t on Hayek

The leftist tracts on “neoliberialism” are full of it.

Hayek is perhaps the most outstanding critic of the “homo economicus” idea among all mainstream economists — criticisms which had virtually no influence within the Chicago school of economics.  But from Aihwa Ong, professor of Anthropology at UC-Berkeley, we get this:

“At the center of Hayek’s . . . → Read More: B*llsh*t on Hayek

BS on Hayekian Macro from Krugman & Cowen — A Linkfest

Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen spew ink in the water on Hayekian macro — and an army of blogosphere Davids swoop in to decontaminate.

Justin Fox — More B*llsh*t On Hayek

The second-hand dealers in ideas constantly make a hash of things.  Justin Fox is a multi-time offender when it comes to spreading falsehoods about Hayek’s economics, and his latest is to get Hayek’s post-bust economics all wrong.  Hayek explicitly opposed allowing a secondary-deflationary downward spiral and he explicitly endorsed efforts by the central bank and . . . → Read More: Justin Fox — More B*llsh*t On Hayek

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