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The B*llsh*t Never Ends

Peter Boone & Simon Johnson: “According to Friedrich von Hayek, the development of welfare socialism after World War II undermined freedom and would lead western democracies inexorably to some form of state-run serfdom.” HT to Don the Libertarian Democrat in … Continue reading

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B*llsh*t on Hayek

The leftist tracts on “neoliberialism” are full of it. Hayek is perhaps the most outstanding critic of the “homo economicus” idea among all mainstream economists — criticisms which had virtually no influence within the Chicago school of economics.  But from … Continue reading

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BS on Hayekian Macro from Krugman & Cowen — A Linkfest

Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen spew ink in the water on Hayekian macro — and an army of blogosphere Davids swoop in to decontaminate.

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Justin Fox — More B*llsh*t On Hayek

The second-hand dealers in ideas constantly make a hash of things.  Justin Fox is a multi-time offender when it comes to spreading falsehoods about Hayek’s economics, and his latest is to get Hayek’s post-bust economics all wrong.  Hayek explicitly opposed … Continue reading

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