Wisdom from economist Bruce Caldwell.


With Russ Robert on EconTalk.

Another interview with Bruce Caldwell

Bruce Caldwell discusses The Road to Serfdom with The Washington Independent.

Bruce Caldwell — thoughts on Beck, The Road to Serfdom & more

The editor of the “definitive” edition of Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

More Caldwell at the Soros Conference

On the problem of theory selection in economics:

I was initially attracted to Hayek not for his politics or his view on markets, but for what he had to say about the limitations of economics. Hayek developed his ideas about the dispersion of knowledge during the socialist calculation debate of the 1930s. His ideas led . . . → Read More: More Caldwell at the Soros Conference

Caldwell on Hayek at the Soros Conference

Bruce Caldwell offers a refresher course on Hayekian economics to the economists gathered at the Institute for New Economic Thinking conference at Cambridge:

Let me begin by clearing up a misconception. Hayek is sometimes wrongly portrayed as thinking that market systems always work just fine. Now this is a man whose first book was titled . . . → Read More: Caldwell on Hayek at the Soros Conference

Meltdown – What Would Hayek Say?

Bruce Caldwell speaking at the Heritage Foundation on Hayek and the America meltdown.

UPDATE: I’ve found a PDF text version of Cadlwell’s talk titled “Ten Mostly Austrian Insights for These Trying Times”.  This is just an outstanding general introduction to Hayek’s political economy — I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Here are the section . . . → Read More: Meltdown – What Would Hayek Say?

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One of the things I most regret is not having criticized Milton [Friedman's] Essay in Positive Economics, which in a way is quite as dangerous a book [as Keynes' General Theory]. — F. A. Hayek

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