VIDEO: Amar Bhide on Human Judgment vs Mathematical Economics

Audio — Amar Bhide at the L.S.E., Oct. 12, 2010

Amar Bhide’s L.S.E. lecture, “A Call for Judgment: Sensible Finance for a Dynamic Economy” (mp3). Information on the lecture here.

Highly recommended. The lecture includes a terrific discussion of Hayek and innovation.

Key quote:

“How is this thing [innovation] organized? .. [one among the four ways is judgment] .. it’s fundamentally judgment, it isn’t a . . . → Read More: Audio — Amar Bhide at the L.S.E., Oct. 12, 2010

Amar Bhide on Hayek, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Judgment

In The Harvard Business Review. Highly recommended.

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