Feser on Scientism

A roundup with commentary: Edward Feser on scientism. Feser’s work is self-recommending — there are few better writers in all of philosophy, and he’s got a top notch mind.

Of special interest to me are Feser’s engagements with Alexander Rosenberg. I know Alex Rosenberg’s work about as well as anyone, and Feser’s judgment of . . . → Read More: Feser on Scientism

NEW: F. A. Hayek, “Planning, Science and Freedom”

F. A. Hayek, “Planning, Science and Freedom”, Nature, Nov. 15, 1941, Vol. 148, pp. 580-584.


The reasons why the adoption of a system of central planning necessarily produces a totalitarian system are fairly simple. Whoever controls the means must decide which ends they are to serve. As under modern conditions control of economic activity . . . → Read More: NEW: F. A. Hayek, “Planning, Science and Freedom”

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I believe we can now demonstrate that socialism is altogether based on an intellectual failure to comprehend the conditions under which we are able to produce enough to satisfy our expectations. — F. A. Hayek

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