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@friedrichhayek April 1st, 2011:

There he goes again — Paul Krugman calls Hayek “the Automaton from the planet Trantor” Funnyman Paul Krugman belittles economist Hayek as “living dead” leader of “Seltzer Water” economists: http://bit.ly/fndz9G ignorant #PaulKrugman – falsely accuses Hayek of suggesting public work projects caused Canadian banking collapse of 1933 keep it classy, Paul . . . → Read More: APRIL FOOLS TWITTERS @friedrichhayek …


The game: take a sentence or two of Hayek’s clause and qualification ridden Germanic prose, and turn it into a 144 character twitter.

Example. Here’s a brief passage from Hayek 1976 essay “Socialism and Science” posted a few days ago in the comments by Richard Ebeling:

“A society in which everyone is organized as a . . . → Read More: THE HAYEK TWITTER GAME

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Abstraction is not something which the mind produces by processes of logic from its perception of reality, but rather a property of categories with which it operates – not a product of the mind but rather what constitutes the mind. — F. A. Hayek

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