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Brad DeLong — a Disgrace to Scholarship, a Disgrace to Science

Brad DeLong is deleting brief comments to his blog with the following quotes from Hayek which plainly lay out the situation as Hayek saw it, providing the background for his statements on British policy in the 1925-1936 period. These statements … Continue reading

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It’s a Non-Stop Hayek-Bashing Party at the Guardian

Today’s ONION-esque entry comes from a woman named Madeleine Bunting: the story is now familiar of how Friedrich Hayek and his associates produced the intellectual roadmap for both Thatcher and Reagan, and the notions cooked up in Chicago – such … Continue reading

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Another Lefty Blames Hayek for the Crash & 3rd World Poverty

What’s not to love about non-sense like this: Neo-liberalism was far more ideological in temper than social democracy. It had a master theorist, Friedrich Hayek. And it had a faith: the wisdom of the market. Even though nowhere were the … Continue reading

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Stupid Professor Tricks

Professors often seem dependent on strawmen to supercharge the motivatation of their otherwise undistinguished arguments, and since being a professor means never having to know any history of economic thought, lots of these strawmen are invented and then projected on … Continue reading

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blogs: Who’s the Most Ignorant “Respectable” Blogger of Them All?

Well, you’ve got to put Matthew Yglesias near the top of any list.  Tom Woods has more evidence supporting a vote for Yglesias. Quotable: Note that although Yglesias himself does not know the first thing about Austrian business cycle theory, … Continue reading

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classless: John Kenneth Galbraith Insulted Hayek at an Anniversary Celebration of the Vienna Economics Institute

John Kenneth Galbraith’s son James Galbraith recounts the following story: I can’t resist telling you that when the Vienna Economics Institute celebrated its centennial, many years ago, they invited, as their keynote speaker, my father [John Kenneth Galbraith]. The leading … Continue reading

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