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An Interview with F. A. Hayek from the early 1980s

An interview with Friedrich Hayek from 1982 or so.   You can read the transcript here.

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Has anyone seen this?  It’s a 60 minute interview with Friedrich Hayek conducted in the early 1980s by investment manager Kenneth Gerbino, who headed an organization he’d created called the American Economic Council at the time of the interview.  He’s … Continue reading

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An interview with Lawrence White

Mostly on money and banking.

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Video — Hayek interviewed by Bernard Levin, May 31, 1980

Watch the video here.   Free registration and login required.

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VIDEO – Hayek Interviewed by Armen Alchian in 1978

Two top economists talk about ideas and economic personalities.  Part 1.  Part 2. Quotable: One point which deserves mention in this connection is that Keynes knew appallingly little about nineteenth-century economics, or about nineteenth-century history.  He hated the nineteenth century … Continue reading

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Video — Hayek’s 1978 UCLA Interviews

They are all here, full length, streaming on the internet.  Every one of them.  These are the interviews organized by Armen Alchian and Robert Chitester in 1978 and recorded as part as the UCLA Oral History project.  Conversations with Axel … Continue reading

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