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Transcript: Firing Line – Hayek meets Buckley

Friedrich Hayek discussed Keynes, unemployment, general rules, and the notion of “society” with William F. Buckley, Nov. 7, 1977.  Read the PDF transcript here.  (Note well — the transcript contains a number of mistakes.) Listen to Hayek on Keynes: Asculta … Continue reading

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“Deflation .. Prolonged The Depression” — New Friedrich Hayek Interview

Now in English: Conversations with Great Economists:  Friedrich A. Hayek, John Hicks, Nicholas Kaldor, Leonid V. Kantorovich, Joan Robinson, Paul A.Samuelson, Jan Tinbergen by Diego Pizano. Originally published in Spanish as Dialogos Con Economistas Eminenes, (Mexico) Fondo de Cultura Economica, … Continue reading

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interview: 1936 — Hayek’s Breakthrough Year

Hayek consistently asserted that the work of John Maynard Keynes was a retrograde throwback to the backward looking, pre-marginalist, objective cost, distributional thought of the classical British economists, a brand of thinking that had been smuggled into post-marginalist economics by … Continue reading

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video: Friedrich Hayek Interviewed by John O’Sullivan

A videotaped interview with Friedrich Hayek from 1985:

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interview: Friedrich Hayek on John Maynard Keynes – Part 1

John Maynard Keynes knew very little economics — Friedrich Hayek drops that bomb and more in his 1978 UCLA Oral History interview with Leo Rosen: ROSTEN: … this was the period, of course, when John Maynard Keynes was coming into … Continue reading

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interview: Friedrich Hayek on John Maynard Keynes – Part II

Did John Maynard Keynes know the work of Knut Wicksell, did he read Schumpeter, what economics did he know?  Friedrich Hayek answers these questions and more in an interview with Leo Rosten: ROSTEN:  … Is it true that he said, … Continue reading

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