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An important podcast on shadow money & the boom and bust cycle

I recently came across a terrific Bloomberg On The Economy podcast with James Sweeney and Carl Lantz on “shadow money” — assets which are used as the equivalent of money during the snowball of the asset bubble / artificial boom. … Continue reading

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Or is it Seth Lipsky on fiat money and the kilometer standard in Paris. Wittgenstein in his private language argument and in his discussion of our shared language and practices of measuring with an inch-ruler brings to the foreground the … Continue reading

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An interview with Lawrence White

Mostly on money and banking.

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Ron Paul’s END THE FED — #27 in books at Amazon

Ron Paul’s End the Fed is now shipping. “Rarely has a single book not only challenged, but decisively changed my mind. ” –Arlo Guthrie “Everyone must read this book — Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans — all Americans. … Continue reading

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George Selgin & Peter Schiff on The Federal Reserve

George Selgin speaks at 10:40 into the video and Peter Schiff begins at 25:55 into the video. BONUS:  Peter Schiff was right, and Ben Bernanke was wrong, wrong, wrong.  So, which one studied Hayek?  And which one was reading out … Continue reading

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john cochran: How Centrally Planned Money Caused The Crisis

It’s impossible for a market economy to function non-pathologically when the backbone of the system — the communication transmission mechanism of money prices — is constantly short-circuited by an unworkable attempt at central planning. John Cochran explains. Quotable: A major … Continue reading

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