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currency competition: Silver Coin Maker Indicted by the Feds

The maker of silver coins meant to compete as currency with Federal Reserve fiat currency has been indicted by the Federal government.  Read the Dept of Justice indictment and press release. The businessman’s web site has yet to be pulled … Continue reading

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interview: George Selgin on Money & Banking

Hayekian economist George Selgin talks about money, banking and his new book on coinage in an interview with the Richmond Fed.  Worth quoting: RF: Do you see recent approaches to monetary policies and Fed actions as contributors to the current … Continue reading

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interview: Hayek on Money, Keynes, Friedman & Gold

Quotable: Q: You taught with Lord John Maynard Keynes at the same university, did you not? Hayek: I taught at his university while he was advising government. We at the London School of Economics were evacuated to Cambridge for the … Continue reading

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