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David Mamet’s Revelation

“My revelation came upon reading Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. It was that there is a cost to everything ..” ~ David Mamet From David Mamet’s new book, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture. Here are … Continue reading

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The State Dept. taps clueless lefty reporter to brief foreign journalists on the Tea Party movement

Kate Zernike, the NY Times reporter who describes “the rule of law” as the weird invention of an obscure thinker named Friedrich Hayek, was invited by the State Department for a foreign press corp briefing on the “extremist” nature of … Continue reading

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Kling on the American Ruling Class

The additional power that is being granted to experts under the Obama administration is striking. The administration has appointed “czars” to bring expertise to bear outside of the traditional cabinet positions. Congress has enacted sweeping legislation in health care and … Continue reading

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The most talked about read of the summer

Angelo Codevilla on America’s Ruling Class.

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YouTube: Robert Bork & Hayek on The Intellectuals

Transcript: BORK: Doctor Hayek, I think that if there’s one area in which I disagree with you slightly, it is about — We were discussing the intellectuals, and I guess it is that I see something a little more sinister … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts — Government Pathology Powered The Housing Finance Trainwreck

Non-pathological markets require non-pathological institutions — and America has neither as Russ Roberts explains. Note well:  Hayekian analysts were pointing to many of these pathologies and others before the crisis hit.   Non-pathological markets also require a non-pathological class of … Continue reading

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