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Recollections of F. A. Hayek from Ronald Hamowy, part of his essay “Rothbard and Hayek: A Personal Memory” collected in Walter Block’s I Choose Liberty:  Autobiographies of Contemporary Libertarians: “F.A. Hayek began his career at the University of Chicago in … Continue reading

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David Riesman vs Hayek on the individual

I really enjoyed this post from the Clare Spark Blog.  From the posting: “It is a revelation to compare David Riesman’s conception of American character in The Lonely Crowd (1950) and the possibility of individuality with that of Friedrich Hayek’s … Continue reading

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Video — Gary Becker remembers Hayek’s faculty seminars at the U. of Chicago

at about 4:20 in the opening moments of his 2010 IEA Hayek Lecture on immigration.

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The Decline & Fall of the Chicago School of Economics

Charles Rowley on the unfolding tragedy — Intro, Part 1 and continuing.

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chicago: Bruce Caldwell on Hayek & the Formation of “The Chicago School” of Economics

Bruce Caldwell, “The Chicago School, Hayek & Neoliberalism” (pdf) draft, Feb. 1, 2009.  From the paper: Friedrich A. Hayek taught at the University of Chicago from the fall semester of 1950 through 1962, a period during which the second, or … Continue reading

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