Gerald O’Driscoll on Crony Capitalism

and the price system.

Compare also Arnold Kling on the looting classes.

Hayekian Economist Gerald O’Driscoll

On the housing market:

Government programs to prop up home prices have been half-hearted and ineffective overall, and mercifully so. A successful program to prop up home prices would have aborted the recovery process. It would have created an overhang of unsold, over-priced homes. Speculators would have held off buying and first-time buyers would have . . . → Read More: Hayekian Economist Gerald O’Driscoll

hayek v keynes: Don Boudreaux Has Been Re-Reading his Hayek & Keynes

The chairman of the George Mason Econ department has gone back to re-read the classic works of Hayek and Keynes from the 30s and 40s, and reflection on the writings of the two top economists of the last 100 years has inspired some killer op-eds in the popular press.

From the Daily Record, March 21, . . . → Read More: hayek v keynes: Don Boudreaux Has Been Re-Reading his Hayek & Keynes

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I am sure that I owe most of the original ideas I have ever had to the fact that I did _not_ have the conventional answers to the well-known questions already, that I had painfully to work them out anew almost every time, and that in the process I often discovered the flaws or inadequacies of the generally held views. — F. A. Hayek

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