articles: Recent Papers on Friedrich Hayek

From the files of the SSRN library — all papers are in pdf format:

Bruce Caldwell:  “Hayek & Keynes” Ross Emmett, “Discussion and the Evolution of Institutions in a Liberal Democracy: Frank Knight Joins the Debate” Marco Lamieri & Enrico Bertacchini, “What If Hayek Goes Shopping in the Bazaar?” Giovanni Cespa  &  Xavier Vives, “Dynamic . . . → Read More: articles: Recent Papers on Friedrich Hayek

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If the central contest of the twentieth century has pitted capitalism against socialism, then F. A. Hayek has been its central figure. He helped us to understand why capitalism won by a knockout. It was Hayek who elaborated the basic argument demonstrating that central planning was nothing else but an impoverishing fantasy. — Kenneth Minogue

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