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audio: Bruce Caldwell on Friedrich Hayek & 20th Century Economics

Here’s a great discussion on the economics of Friedrich Hayek (mp3) placed in the context of the history of economics and philosophy of science.  The speaker is Bruce Caldwell, author of Hayek’s Challenge.

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pdf: Carl Menger’s Classic on How Social Science Is Done

The most important book ever written on the explanatory strategy of  the social sciences — and the book which most influenced Hayek’s own explanatory strategy in economics — is now available free on the internet in pdf format:  Carl Menger, … Continue reading

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oral history: The 1978 UCLA Interviews With Friedrich Hayek

If you want to understand who Friedrich Hayek is and what his life was all about, you can’t do better than read the transcripts of the 1978 interviews with Friedrich Hayek conducted by Earlene Craver, Axel Leijonhufvud, Leo Rosten, Jack … Continue reading

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