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Bruce Caldwell vs Farrant & McPhail on Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom

As usual, Caldwell nails it.  From the Abstract: In a recent article in Challenge magazine, Andrew Farrant and Edward McPhail argue that the central message of F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is that any attempt to create a welfare … Continue reading

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YouTube — William White, Bruce Caldwell, Alex Leijonhufvud & Tony Lawson at the Soros Conference

Hayekian economists confront the economics profession at the inaugural conference of The Institute for New Economic Theory at Cambridge: William White’s written paper is here. Bruce Caldwell’s written text is here. (Note that Caldwell misrepresents Hayek’s economics when he claims … Continue reading

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Why _The Road to Serfdom_ is a Bestseller .. Again

Bruce Caldwell in the Washington Post: .. Hayek [is] reemerging as a bestselling author. A new edition of Hayek’s seminal book, “The Road to Serfdom,” was published in March 2007 by the University of Chicago Press as part of a … Continue reading

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Caldwell on Hayek and Spontaneous Order

A good deal of the academic literature on Hayek is horrible because the professors writing on Hayek are narrow specialists with limited cross disciplinary knowledge — and because these scholars attempt to explain and analyse Hayek based on a fatally … Continue reading

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audio: Bruce Caldwell on Friedrich Hayek & 20th Century Economics

Here’s a great discussion on the economics of Friedrich Hayek (mp3) placed in the context of the history of economics and philosophy of science.  The speaker is Bruce Caldwell, author of Hayek’s Challenge.

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