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Responses to John Cochran’s reply to Paul Krugman’s Attack

From philosopher Alex Rosenberg and economists Bob Murphy and Mario Rizzo.

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hayek quotes: Sound Public Policy Depends On Sound Economic Science

From F. A. Hayek’s “Principles or Expediency?”: What helpful insight science can provide for the guidance of policy consists in an understanding of the general nature of the spontaneous order, and not in any knowledge of the particulars of a … Continue reading

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hayek quote: What Does Social Theory Study?

Friedrich Hayek opposed the view of Lionel Robbins, Ludwig Mises and most textbooks which identifies “human action” or “human behavior” as the subject matter of economic science.  Instead, Hayek shares the view of Carl Menger and Adam Smith which identifies … Continue reading

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audio: Bruce Caldwell on Friedrich Hayek & 20th Century Economics

Here’s a great discussion on the economics of Friedrich Hayek (mp3) placed in the context of the history of economics and philosophy of science.  The speaker is Bruce Caldwell, author of Hayek’s Challenge.

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