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ammo: Arm Against the Keynesian Counter-Revolution

A generation ago Keynesian economics was dead and buried, abandoned even by the most influential Keynesian economist of them all, John Hicks.  It had been killed by the re-discovery of Hayek (by Robert Lucas , Alex Leijonhufvud, and John Hicks, … Continue reading

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hot: “With all due respect, you’re lying Mr. President”

Leading economists answer Barack Obama and his false claims about the “stimulus”, in a full page ad running in the NY Times and the Wall Stree Journal.

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article: Hayek’s Influence on Nobel Prize Winners

ABSTRACT: “F.A. Hayek’s broad research program has led some to conclude that his impact on economics has been minimal. This citation study examines the frequency of Nobel laureates cited by other laureates in the official Prize Lectures to understand how … Continue reading

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A Reply to Russ Roberts on the Scientific Status of Macroeconomics

As an introduction to his new EconTalk discussion with Robin Hansen, George Mason University economists Russ Roberts writes the following: As far as I know, no prominent market-oriented economist has come out in favor of a trillion dollar increase in … Continue reading

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article: “Editor’s Introduction” to Collected Works of F.A. Hayek, Vol. 11

Quotable: “The 1926 article does, however, take a different view from the 1945 article with regard to the explanatory sufficiency of equilibrium theory. The two sides the socialist calculation debate also differed on how much relevance the general-equilibrium approach has … Continue reading

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book: “A Life of Friedrich August von Hayek”

Quotable: “Hayek and I met quite by chance in February 1977. He had left Salzburg after having secured an appointment as Emeritus Professor at Freiburg University, and had come there a little ahead of time to see about, among other … Continue reading

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