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road to serfdom: Signs of the Times

Friedrich Hayek and his The Road to Serfdom have not been forgotten by the American people.  Photos taken today at an anti-stimulus rally in Denver: Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is currently #779 in books at Amazon.  Month after month, … Continue reading

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freedom: Is the Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis True?

Abstract: “This paper examines empirically the hypothesis made famous by Nobel Laureates Friedrich A. Hayek and Milton Friedman that societies with high levels of political freedom must also have high levels of economic freedom.  In our judgment, the Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis … Continue reading

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barron’s: Economics Isn’t a Hard Science

Quotable: “When Friedrich Hayek won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1974, he embarrassed many economists by noting their failures. Speaking in the midst of a great inflation that caused a greater loss of stock-market wealth in the U.S. than … Continue reading

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bs: Lies about Hayek – What Academics Do Best

This time it’s historian Matthew Dallek who is pulling made up history out of his hat and printing it up, in Politico.  Note that Hayek wrote his The Road to Serfdom for British publication and as a warning for the … Continue reading

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article: Hayekian Macro & the Roaring 20s

Quotable: “Hayek, in a series of works from the mid-1920s through The Pure Theory of Capital (1941), added to Mises’ theory a more detailed account of the malinvestment during the boom and how it distorts the economy’s structure of production … Continue reading

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cnbc: the Alan Greenspan Interview

Here’s the link to Alan Greenspan’s mea culpa / “don’t blame me” video interview broadcast as part of CNBC’s “House of Cards” special. Greenspan admits he had the choice of correcting the mistakes of the Federal Reserve at a relatively … Continue reading

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