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rule of law: George Will Makes a Hayekian Point about Law, Legislation and Liberty

Legislation which confers massive arbitrary power upon the executive branch is not rule by law, it’s a form of rule which the Founders called tyranny. Hayekian journalist George Will drills down on the significance to a free society of the … Continue reading

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bust: The “Great Recession” Brought to You By the Great Depression

Hayekian economist Steve Horwitz explains how the institutions and ideology of the New Deal have given us the current economic catastrophe.  The upshot: What we are living through today is a recession whose causes are significantly the unintended result of … Continue reading

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bs: Kevin Rudd Sends His Hit Piece on Friedrich Hayek to the G20 World Leaders

Janet Albrechtsen makes the case for believing that Kevin Rudd’s hard left veer into wing nut lefty polemics against a fraudulent strawman “Hayek” has everything to do with party politics and almost nothing to do with Rudd’s understanding of the … Continue reading

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schooled: A WSJ Reader Explains Bottom-Up Economics to a Short Statured Former Labor Secretary

A letter in Monday’s Wall Street Journal: Mr. Reich mischaracterizes the agendas of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Mr. Reich also demonstrates what Friedrich Hayek once called the “fatal conceit.” Mr. Reich argues that the primary philosophical difference between Messrs. … Continue reading

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pdf: “The Road to Serfdom” – The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version

UPDATE:  The new paperback edition of The Road to Serfdom is on sale at Amazon for $9.35. Max Eastman and the editors of Reader’s Digest wrote the condensed version of Friedrich Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” (pdf), which was read … Continue reading

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book: Frank Knight’s “Risk, Uncertainty and Profit” available on Google

The L.S.E.’s 1933 reprint edition of Frank Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty and Profit is available in full view format and in pdf at Google books.  Knight’s text was used as the standard microeconomics textbook by Lionel Robbins and Friedrich Hayek at … Continue reading

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