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pdf: Carl Menger’s Classic on How Social Science Is Done

The most important book ever written on the explanatory strategy of  the social sciences — and the book which most influenced Hayek’s own explanatory strategy in economics — is now available free on the internet in pdf format:  Carl Menger, … Continue reading

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video: Kurt Luebe on Friedrich Hayek

Kurt Luebe, a former Hayek research assistant, knows the life and work of Friedrich Hayek well.  Watch Leube speak on Hayek and his ideas in a video from 2004.  You can also listen to Leube speak on “Hayek’s Legacy” (mp3), … Continue reading

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money: Eamonn Butler on Hayek & Inflation

Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute explains how inflation — the manufacturing of money and credit — changes the shape of the economy into a form that will collapse when the surge of new money and credit comes to … Continue reading

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bs: Kevin Rudd — Pompous Idiot or Villianous Liar?

Well, judging by the reaction to the Australian Prime Minister’s nasty, out-of-the-ballpark false, and — let’s just say it — delusional attacks on Friedrich Hayek, the consensus seems to be pompous idiot.  Other take-downs of the Prime Minister and his … Continue reading

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housing bubble: The Case Against the Fed

Former Fed official, Citibank vice president and Hayekian macroeconomics Gerald O’Driscoll, Jr.: Alan Greenspan responded to his critics on these pages on March 11. He singled out an op-ed by John Taylor a month earlier, “How Government Created the Financial … Continue reading

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bs: Hayek on John Kenneth Galbraith, Journalism & B*llsh*t

Hayek spent some time thinking about the role of intellectuals and other “second hand dealers in ideas” (see, for example, Hayek’s essay “The Intellectuals and Socialism” (pdf)).  Here from the 1978 UCLA oral history, Hayek discusses the problem of b*llsh*t … Continue reading

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