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crisis: Words of Wisdom from Arnold Kling

Economist Arnold Kling takes a look at the future of macroeconomics and government policy.  Well worth reading.

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crisis: Maybe Economists Show Know Something More Than The Hot Fashion Of the Moment In Mathematics

Quote Of The Day: Mr. Laidler believes that macroeconomists have a great deal to learn from studying the history of their field. I read several of his excellent books on the history of monetary theory, linked here and here. It … Continue reading

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fed: If You Were Responsible For The Biggest Bust Since FDR, Would You Take The Blame?

Alan Greenspan puts his enormous skills to work shifting responsibility elsewhere.  Here is the core argument: U.S. mortgage rates’ linkage to short-term U.S. rates had been close for decades. Between 1971 and 2002, the fed-funds rate and the mortgage rate … Continue reading

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b*llsh*t: Brad DeLong vs Reality

Economist Lawrence White weighs in on Brad DeLong’s sociopathological misrepresentation of  Herbert Hoover’s Depression Economics.

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crisis: World’s Top Liberal Economists Meeting In Special Session

Peter Boettke reports on the emergency meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society held this past weekend in New York City: speakers included Nobel Prize economists such as Ned Phelps and Gary Becker; famous economic thinkers such as Anna Schwartz, Arnold … Continue reading

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bunk: F.A. Hayek & Stanley Fish – “Neoliberal” Villains in Arms?

“Neoliberalism” is a term hard left academics in Latin America have long used as their preferred pejorative label for a grossly cartoonish and dishonest mischaracterization of the ideas of classical liberalism and those like F.A. Hayek who have worked to … Continue reading

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