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interview: 1936 — Hayek’s Breakthrough Year

Hayek consistently asserted that the work of John Maynard Keynes was a retrograde throwback to the backward looking, pre-marginalist, objective cost, distributional thought of the classical British economists, a brand of thinking that had been smuggled into post-marginalist economics by … Continue reading

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video: Arnold Kling & Mark Thoma Independently Rediscover Hayekian Macro

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bust: The Man Who Called The Crash Confronted Greenspan Man-to-Man in 2003

One of the men who called the artificial boom and inevitable bust — Bank of International Settlements chief economist William White  — confronted Fed chairman Alan Greeenspan personally at the annual meeting of the Kansas City Fed in August of … Continue reading

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macro: David Laidler’s “New” Misdirected Investment Boom & Bust Mechanism

A “enhanced expectations” model of misdirected investment can be found already in F. A. Hayek’s Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle — see Lecture IV were Hayek talks of an unsustainable boom sparked by enhanced profit expectations — but David … Continue reading

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book: Sudha Shenoy on Hayek vs. Keynes

Sudha Shenoy’s introduction to her influential 1972 book A Tiger by the Tail:  The Keynesian Legacy of Inflation — a compilation of writings by Hayek on Keynes and macroeconomics — is now online. Jeff Tucker introduces the late great Sudha … Continue reading

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good stuff: Steve Horwitz’s Top 5 Papers

Read a description of each paper and find links to each of them here.  Great stuff.

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