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thomas sowell: Edmund Burke vs Barack Obama

Worth your time.

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fun: Who’s On Your All-Hayekian Fantasy Economics Team?

Larry Elliott, economics editor of the Guardian, takes a look at the economics profession and sees a professoriate detached from reality and incapable of fielding an “Fantasy Football” team of living All-Stars to fill out a modern “TEAM KEYNES” or … Continue reading

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book: Hayek’s _Individualism and Economic Order_ Now Online in FREE edition

The Mises Institute has made a free PDF edition of F. A. Hayek’s book Individualism and Economic Order available for download here.  The collection includes some of the most influential articles every written in economics. Table of Contents: 1. Individualism:  … Continue reading

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friedman: Stephen Moore Has the Facts Wrong

Leftist are being dishonest in their attacks on the legacy of Milton Friedman, but Stephen Moore just has the facts wrong when it comes to Milton Friedman and Federal Reserve monetary policy.  Friedman as late as July, 2006 had little … Continue reading

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huh?: David Brooks on Hayek & “Emotion” vs. “Reason”

In a recent column NY Times writer David Brooks writes the following: Right-leaning thinkers from Edmund Burke to Friedrich Hayek understood that emotion is prone to overshadow reason. They understood that emotion can be a wise guide in some circumstances … Continue reading

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david henderson: A Review of _The Road to Serdom_

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics editor David Henderson has written a new review of F. A Hayek’s perennial best seller The Road to Serfdom (pdf): One of Hayek’s chapters that speaks most to today is his “Why the Worst Get on … Continue reading

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