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david gordon: Friedrich Hayek Was My Teacher

David Gordon recalls Hayek in the classroom teaching the philosophy of social science to a room full of undergraduates at UCLA in 1969.  Read the whole thing, but here’s a teaser: Hayek delivered his lectures seated at a desk. He … Continue reading

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balloons: Friedrich Hayek was Born May 8th, 1899

The picture comes from Richard Zundritsc’s blog “Hayek in Vienna”. If you’d like to raise one tonight in honor of Friedrich Hayek, consider popping a Burgundy, the man’s beverage of choice.  In his later years he’s open a bottle at … Continue reading

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obama: Chrysler & the Rule of Law

Robert Robb takes a look at Obama’s manipulation of the Chrysler bankruptcy in light of Hayek’s writings on economic decision-making and the rule of law: The Obama administration’s proposed restructuring is more than just unjustified, however. It dangerously undermines the … Continue reading

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twitter: “Taking Hayek Seriously” is on Twitter

You can see what a “Taking Hayek Seriously” twitter looks like here.  If you have a Twitter account, please consider “following” the Taking Hayek Seriously blog.

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blogs: The Continuing Relevance of F. A. Hayek

As we’ve learned in the last year, this hardly captures the half of it.

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audio: Russ Roberts Talks to Ed Leamer on the Data of the Business Cycle

I can’t recommend more highly Russ Roberts’ conversation with Ed Leamer on the stylized facts of the business cycle and the nature of economic explanation. I’ll comment more here later. But before then, I do have a question for Austrian … Continue reading

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