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academia: Top Hayekian Macroeconomist to GMU

Now more than ever George Mason University is the place to learn economics in the English speaking world.  The school has long been the leading graduate school teaching Hayekian “market process” economics and Buchanian “public choice” political economy.  But the … Continue reading

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currency competition: Silver Coin Maker Indicted by the Feds

The maker of silver coins meant to compete as currency with Federal Reserve fiat currency has been indicted by the Federal government.  Read the Dept of Justice indictment and press release. The businessman’s web site has yet to be pulled … Continue reading

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america rip: A Look at the Numbers — The Coming Collapse of America

Tony Blankley looks at America’s fiscal future and rightly concludes something has got to give. I’ll open it up.  Where is America headed? Hyperinflation? A doubling or tripling of tax rates? Bankruptcy? A 1960s & 1970s style “British disease”? A … Continue reading

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general motors: An Autopsy

George Reisman on the tapeworm that ate the world’s largest manufacturing company.

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goldberg: Obamanism and The “S” Word

“Socialism”.   It’s a word the leftists in power say we can’t use.  But if “socialism” is un-PC, Jonah Goldberg is happy to be more precise.  A rose is a rose and a duck a duck.  And, says Goldberg, what Obama … Continue reading

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audio: Richard Epstein on the Rule of Law

Russ Roberts has a conversation with U. of Chicago Law professor Richard Epstein.  One of the brightest men in the country explains one of the most important problems in political economy.  Epstein takes on Barack Obama’s use of arbitary power … Continue reading

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