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A Cup of Hayek for Joe Scarborough

Served up by Nick Gillespie: Scarborough dedicates his book “to conservatives of all parties,” in homage to the Nobel Prize-­winning economist Friedrich Hayek, whose 1944 book, “The Road to Serfdom,” was dedicated “to the socialists of all parties.” If he … Continue reading

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video: Hayek on Keynes

The clip is from this Hayek interview with John O’Sullivan.

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Why Hayek Would Endorse Obama’s Government Health Insurance Plan

Brad DeLong explains: The economic logic behind a public [health insurance] plan springs from these information and selection problems.  Private health-insurance companies are currently spending a fortune in a negative-sum game by which they try to make other private companies … Continue reading

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Roger Kimball Suggests

a 119 character “Tweet” for Barack Obama.

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Hayek & the “Global Warming” Scare

Energy regulation economist Robert Murphy weighs in: Fans of Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek — who warned against the “pretense of knowledge” — should be even more concerned about the sheer audacity of the field of climate economics. After all, it … Continue reading

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new papers: Hayek and The Rule of Law

From Robert Stein, “Rule of Law:  What Does It Mean?” (pdf): Two seminal writings in the past century have influenced thinking about this subject. Albert Dicey, a British lawyer and scholar, addressed the meaning of the rule of law in … Continue reading

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