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working papers: Dewey, Hayek, and Democracy

Colin Koopman, “Morals and Markets: Liberal Democracy Through Dewey and Hayek.”  From the abstract: One of the most vexing problems in contemporary liberal democratic theory and practice is the relation between ethics and economics. This article presents a way of … Continue reading

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How Complex is Barkley Rosser?

A look at Friedrick Hayek’s work on complexity theory from math complexity theorist Barkley Rosser (doc). For newbees, the article helpfully reviews a few important issues in the literature, brings attention to the work of Roger Koppl, and has a … Continue reading

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Why The Worst “Experts” Get To The Top

Arnold Kling has a new spin on Hayek’s “Why The Worst Get To The Top”: The main science of political economy is the science of obtaining and retaining power. As far as expertise goes, the pollster, the fundraiser, and the … Continue reading

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Stupid Professor Tricks

Professors often seem dependent on strawmen to supercharge the motivatation of their otherwise undistinguished arguments, and since being a professor means never having to know any history of economic thought, lots of these strawmen are invented and then projected on … Continue reading

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letter: F.A. Hayek to Joan Robinson, March 1941

A letter from Friedrich Hayek to Joan Robinson, dated March 10, 1941, quoted in Konstantinos Repapis’s paper “Hayek’s business cycle theory during the 1930’s: A critical account of its development: “My present pre-occupation with what may seem altogether different problems … Continue reading

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New Papers on Hayek

Douglas McKenzie, “Veblen, Hayek, and Coase on analyzing institutions” (pdf) Konstantinos Repapis, “Hayek’s business cycle theory during the 1930’s: A critical account of its development” (pdf) Ross Emmett,  “Specializing in Interdisciplinarity: The Committee on Social Thought at Chicago” (pdf) Douglas … Continue reading

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