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Responses to John Cochran’s reply to Paul Krugman’s Attack

From philosopher Alex Rosenberg and economists Bob Murphy and Mario Rizzo.

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audio: Russ Roberts Goes Hayekian on the Bush-Obama Depression

This week Russ Roberts shared the podium before Congressional staffers with Arnold Kling, explaining what happened and why.  Roberts is the second speaker in the audio available here. Roberts tells a riveting Hayekian macro story of the economic bust — … Continue reading

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The 100 Top Twitter Feeds for Business Students

Find links here.  You’ll find the Taking Hayek Seriously twitter among the “economics” feeds.

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The ABCs of the Financial Meltdown — Arnold Kling

Here’s the short version.  Here’s the long version (pdf).  This is insightful and helpful work.  I recommend it to your attention. The one thing Kling does not much explain is the role of Federal Reserve interest rate policy, or why … Continue reading

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Wealth Destroyed in the Fed Generated Cycle? Trillions.

Having the economics profession in your back pocket?  Priceless. More here.  HT Mises Blog.

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“Friedrich Hayek” subsection ‘Work’ – Wikipedia Entry

Here’s the section of Friedrich Hayek’s Wikipedia entry subheaded “Work”.  Correct it, expand it, or improve it as you see appropriate: [edit] The economic calculation problem Hayek was one of the leading academic critics of collectivism in the 20th century. … Continue reading

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