Obamanomics / Krugmanomics = Brain Dead Economics

Imagine if a politician or an economist told you that the solution for the crashing economies of Spain, Iceland, and Great Britain was to increase taxation on those country so that money and resources could be transferred to the currently booming economies Bhutan, Argentina, and India.  You’d identify those people as fools, frauds, or crooks.

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Who’s a Better Economist?

John Stossel or Ben Bernanke?  I’d suggest Stossel understands more that matters more.  And Stossel’s track record isn’t as pathetic as Bernanke’s.

Don’t miss the related Bernanke YouTube video:

Who Else Called the Bust?

Add economist Bernard Connolly to the list, says Derek Scott.  Here’s Connelly in June of 2008 describing the coming crisis.  In 2007 Connolly was describing the coming bust in Spain.

Detroit — Leftist good intent…

Detroit — Leftist good intentions in the raw: http://www.pjtv.com/v/2876

Look who’s reading The Road to…

Look who’s reading The Road to Serfdom now: http://bit.ly/5SpMci

Government Broadcasting Does Hayek vs Keynes

Watch Russ Roberts and Robert Skidelsky talk Keynes, Hayek and “economic stimulus” with Ray Suarez on Jim Lehrer’s NewsHour here.  Roberts offers a series of excellent points, but PBS pushes its heavy hand on the scales to effect a pro-Keynes conclusion.  And I don’t  actually recall hearing much if any of Hayek’s case against Keynes . . . → Read More: Government Broadcasting Does Hayek vs Keynes

Caldwell on Hayek on Spontaneous Order

Caldwell on Hayek on Spontaneous Order:   http://bit.ly/5dL1Sc

Caldwell on Hayek and Spontaneous Order

A good deal of the academic literature on Hayek is horrible because the professors writing on Hayek are narrow specialists with limited cross disciplinary knowledge — and because these scholars attempt to explain and analyse Hayek based on a fatally incomplete reading of Hayeks complex cross disciplinary project.

And repeatedly I see academics burdening Hayek . . . → Read More: Caldwell on Hayek and Spontaneous Order

Postema Does Hayek on Rules & Social Evolution

From the Abstract:

Questions about the nature of informal social rules have become a major focus of attention in legal theory in recent decades. Friedrich Hayek worked out a systematic explanation of the emergence and dynamics of informal social rules that is multi-layered, accounting for the social rules and institutions we see in terms of . . . → Read More: Postema Does Hayek on Rules & Social Evolution

On The Road Again

Richard Ebeling looks at the race toward serfdom in America in the wake of the Bush / Obama train wreck.

Sumner on Selgin on Inflation, Deflation and Productivity

George Selgin is one of the best of the current generation of monetary economists.  Scott Sumner is perhaps the most engaging economist blogger on the internet.  What happens when Sumner blogs on Selgin?  Take a look.  Selgin responds in the comments.

How Uncle Sam Engineered The Economic Train Wreck

Boettke and Horwitz on the ABC’s of the Great Recession (pdf).

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