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Mark Steyn Does F. A. Hayek

Mark Steyn on regime uncertainty and the rule of law: Functioning societies depend on agreed rules. If you want to open a business, you do it in Singapore or Ireland, because the rules are known to all parties. You don’t … Continue reading

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The Hayek vs. Keynes Rap — “Fear the Boom and Bust”

A phat jam from Russ Roberts & Co. Download the song here. Hat Tip: CafeHayek. Listen to Russ Roberts’ weekly EconTalk podcast here. A few notes. Hayek frequently introduced himself as “Hayek — as in High Explosives”. If I made … Continue reading

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Vernon Smith — Housing Bubbles, De-Leveraging & the Busts of 1929-1930 & 2007-2008

It’s deja vu all over again.

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Hanke Detonates Bernanke on Fed Policy

This whole thing is well worth reading.  But let’s start with The Quote of The Day: One of the reasons the Federal Reserve gets so much good press is that it’s publishing most of it itself. Hanke takes on that … Continue reading

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William White — Getting Macro Back on Track

William White — the economists who saw the future — weighs in on what can be done to fix macroeconomics. In the section I excerpt below White explains how modern macro will remain broken without inclusion of the economic insights … Continue reading

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Leverage Cycle Modeling & Hayekian Macro

A leverage cycle lies at the heart of Friedrich Hayek’s account of the business cycle, as laid out in Hayek’s Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle.  Heterogeneous agents, asymmetric knowledge, and other limits to markets are bound up in Hayek’s … Continue reading

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