Is U.S. on The Road to Serfdom…

Is U.S. on The Road to Serfdom?:

New Bruce Caldwell Interview: …

New Bruce Caldwell Interview:

“Frozen Wasteland” — Pushback Again The Global Warming Fraud

Hayek provided some of the first arguments against politically driven and centrally controlled “science”.  I’m guessing he would have enjoyed this “Army of Davids” pushback against the organized scientific crime which is the international global warming racketeering operation of Al Gore, U. of East Anglia and the IPCC.

. . . → Read More: “Frozen Wasteland” — Pushback Again The Global Warming Fraud

Justin Fox — More B*llsh*t On Hayek

The second-hand dealers in ideas constantly make a hash of things.  Justin Fox is a multi-time offender when it comes to spreading falsehoods about Hayek’s economics, and his latest is to get Hayek’s post-bust economics all wrong.  Hayek explicitly opposed allowing a secondary-deflationary downward spiral and he explicitly endorsed efforts by the central bank and . . . → Read More: Justin Fox — More B*llsh*t On Hayek

Merle Hazard performs “Serfin’ USA”

Part of the NewsHour’s coverage of the American Economic Association convention:

Larry White Interviewed by Russ Roberts

The two discuss Hayek’s ideas on money, credit, and the business cycle.

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I knew [in the mid 1930s] that there was something more fundamental than the difference [with Keynes] on [the question of the relation of employment to aggregate demand], but the concepts of this difference, between macro- and micro- theory, had then not yet become quite clear. It was only becoming aware of the fact that really [an engagement with Keynes and Cambridge macroeconomics more generally] to be discussion of the contrasts between micro- and macro- theory. — F. A. Hayek

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