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ANNOUNCING — The Hayek Project

“The Hayek Project is sponsored by the Critical Review Foundation, which publishes Critical Review and holds occasional scholarly conferences. We invite the submission of published and working papers to be posted on this site, subject to peer review.” Read more … Continue reading

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More Caldwell at the Soros Conference

On the problem of theory selection in economics: I was initially attracted to Hayek not for his politics or his view on markets, but for what he had to say about the limitations of economics. Hayek developed his ideas about … Continue reading

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Some Words of Wisdom from Arnold Kling

Here. (Caveat —  one caution, Kling gets the capital goods part of Hayekian macro all wrong.)

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Six Pathologies of Orthodox Macro

Explained by the economist George Soros should have invited to his conference — Robert Higgs.  Highly recommended (pdf).

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Caldwell on Hayek at the Soros Conference

Bruce Caldwell offers a refresher course on Hayekian economics to the economists gathered at the Institute for New Economic Thinking conference at Cambridge: Let me begin by clearing up a misconception. Hayek is sometimes wrongly portrayed as thinking that market … Continue reading

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Hayek vs Keynes at Cambridge

Marshall Auerbach reports on the kickoff discussion of the Institute For New Economic Thinking at Cambridge University, with Robert Skidelsky advocating the cause of Keynes and Bruce Caldwell holding the fort for Hayek.  The irony here is that this account … Continue reading

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