$9.99 — Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, Kindle Edition


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Red Diaper Marxist Tony Judt ..

still railing at Hayek after all these years:


Like the prophets, Judt likes to resort to homily: “We know what things cost but have no idea what they are worth.” He also approvingly quotes Tocqueville, who laments that people fear “every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble.” But after . . . → Read More: Red Diaper Marxist Tony Judt ..

Worth a Read

“The Myth of the Model” by Max Borders.

HT Politics & Prosperity.

Let’s Play “Tie the Nazi on Hayek’s Tail”


Economists in a Circle — Firing Away

You’ve got to love this.   Macroeconomists actually forced to confront fundamental pathologies in their efforts at “science”.  Note well that Mark Thoma himself is not open to “outsider views” — he’s banned me from his blog for pointing out basic pathologies in his own brittle and closed macroeconomic framework.

Hayek & the Case for Obama’s Health Care Laws


Enough BS, Here’s the Texas Curriculum on Economics

Leftists in the media fill the public square with untrue sludge, and like day follows night they have done so on the new Texas school curriculum changes.  Law Professor  Ann Althouse flags an example — and does a quick Fisking with links to the actual text of the new Texas Curriculum.

The text of the . . . → Read More: Enough BS, Here’s the Texas Curriculum on Economics

The B*llsh*t Never Ends

Peter Boone & Simon Johnson:

“According to Friedrich von Hayek, the development of welfare socialism after World War II undermined freedom and would lead western democracies inexorably to some form of state-run serfdom.”

HT to Don the Libertarian Democrat in the comments section.

UPDATE:  The leftist lie which will never die, repeated again here.

. . . → Read More: The B*llsh*t Never Ends

F. A. Hayek’s “The Confusion of Language in Political Thought”

Download it here.  (pdf)


In his Introduction Professor Hayek argues that political thought is still restricted by the use of outdated terms which reflect subjective explanations of social institutions.


Order enables us to explain the world about us, but not all social order is the product of deliberate action. Some orders are . . . → Read More: F. A. Hayek’s “The Confusion of Language in Political Thought”

Cohen on the Hayek / Knight Capital Controversy.

Hayek’s breakthrough year of 1936 was also the year of Frank Knight.  Avi Cohen’s article on the Hayek-Knight dust up includes previously unpublished correspondence between Hayek and Knight during this period.  Hayek’s take away lesson from his encounter with Knight was that logical constructs involving homogenized capital provided a barrier to understanding both the logic . . . → Read More: Cohen on the Hayek / Knight Capital Controversy.

14 New Books on Hayek

Amazon is brimming over with new books on Friedrich Hayek and his ideas:

Hayek versus Marx by Eric Aarons. Hayek and the Natural Law by Erik Angner. F. A. Hayek by A. J. Tebble. Popper, Hayek and the Open Society by Calvin Hayes. The Social Science of Hayek’s The Sensory Order edited by William Butos. . . . → Read More: 14 New Books on Hayek

A Challenge to Garrison’s Version of Hayekian Macro

Robert Vienneau, “Some Capital-Theoretic Fallacies in Garrison’s Exposition of Austrian Business Cycle Theory: A Research Note”.


“In response to the global economic crisis, some have advocated that economists consider the economics of the Austrian school. This paper examines elements of Roger Garrison’s Time and Money as an exposition of Austrian Business Cycle Theory not . . . → Read More: A Challenge to Garrison’s Version of Hayekian Macro

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Random Quote

Modern economics has not done its job in this respect by making it clear to the public that the price system is the indispensable condition, not only of our wealth, but of the survival of a large part of the population of the world. — F. A. Hayek

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