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AUDIO: Hayek on The Constitution of Liberty

An FEE recording of Hayek speaking on The Constitution of Liberty (mp3 — undated).

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Russ Roberts — Punching Back Twice as Hard

Russ Robert pushes back against Barack Obama and the leftist attack on market theory in an outstanding podcast explaining the foundations of the 2000-2010 boom & bust cycle.  Roberts identifies government sponsored creditor bailouts as the central ultimate cause of … Continue reading

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Who’s Taking Hayek Seriously?

Among social democrats, a handful of serious and informed scholars: Labour Party activist and Oxford professor Raymond Plant is taking Hayek seriously in The Neo-Liberal State. Economist Ted Burczak is taking Hayek seriously in Socialism After Hayek. Who else?

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B*llsh*t on Hayek

The leftist tracts on “neoliberialism” are full of it. Hayek is perhaps the most outstanding critic of the “homo economicus” idea among all mainstream economists — criticisms which had virtually no influence within the Chicago school of economics.  But from … Continue reading

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“None of the liberals had ever read or heard of _The Road to Serfdom_”

What’s the one book that explains yourself?  “Kathy” in the comments section at Marginal Revolution on her “one book” project: Here’s a question I’ve been asking people and they were very interested in the answer – which I do not … Continue reading

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Elena Kagan & Class Analysis

Are you familiar with Friedrich Hayek, the practitioner of class analysis and ideological unmasking?  Hayek in The Constitution of Liberty pointed out that individuals who were merely organizational employees or bureaucrats and have never participated as constantly re-calibrating risk takers, … Continue reading

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